Our Story

Founded by three brothers from Ecuador, David, Raul and Daniel all shared a love of delicious, healthy food and the dream of building a fair and sustainable business.

From a young age, thanks to their father who ran a vegetable-drying business, the Bermeos learned to preserve the freshness and flavour of the tropical fruits growing in the fertile foothills of the Andes.

Initially only a seed of an idea, plans for Nature’s Heart took root when the brothers discovered the nutritional power of the antioxidant-rich goldenberry growing in their native land. They realised it was too good and too tasty to keep to themselves and saw an opportunity to share this fruit with the rest of the world while at the same time collaborating with the community around them.

Goldenberries grow all year round and need daily attention; the kind of constant nurture that could only be provided by small scale cultivation. In keeping with their vision of empowering local farmers, the brothers began giving seeds to groups of family growers who could tend the berries on plots of land next to their homes and sell their harvest in return for a regular and sustainable second income. Once dried and infused, these small but mighty berries were ready to be enjoyed by people all over the globe.

The business has blossomed and Nature’s Heart now operates in seven countries, producing not only goldenberries but a whole range of naturally nourishing ingredients, snacks and drinks. While we’re constantly challenging ourselves to look to the future, our original vision will always inspire us.

We put our heart and soul into cultivating the finest quality ingredients and creating nutritious healthy food so we can bring flavour and joy to life and share the goodness that surrounds us every day.