About Us

At Nature’s Heart we believe tasty plant-based food has the power to boost the lives of everyone.

We started out in 2005 with the seed of an idea that took root in the foothills of the Andes. We’ve since grown to become specialist producers; exploring every corner of the globe to unearth the finest flavours and the most nutritious ingredients for our deliciously healthy snacks.

Creating foods that are super for you, and super for the communities of farmers that grow them, is our very own recipe for goodness.

We’re proud to share it with you.

Our Goldenberry Plan

We are positive that plant-based food has the power to benefit people and the planet.

A boost not just for everybody who enjoys our snacks, crucially Nature’s Heart also benefits the communities who grow our ingredients and the ecosystems that support them. As the world’s largest producer of dried goldenberries, we’re committed to working with our community of farmers in the ways that matter most.

By generating a sustainable income, providing hands-on training, and promoting farming practices that respect the world around us, Nature’s Heart is empowering small local producers in Ecuador and Colombia; encouraging independence and opening exciting new doors for the generations that follow.

Over the last 5 years, together with your help, we have generated over $15 million USD of direct income to the farming families in South America that sustainably produce the best goldenberries in the world.

To learn more about Nature’s Heart sustainable and fair farming methods, please visit goldenberryplan.com